V: Harry Selfridge, Thank You

Today, I wanted to do something a little different. As a 20 year old female who has a (small) disposable income, it's obvious I like a little bit of retail therapy every now and then. One of the main people we can thank for that is Harry Selfridge (do you recognise the surname?). He founded … Continue reading V: Harry Selfridge, Thank You

VI: Right or Wrong – The Victorian Workhouse

In today's post, I'll be discussing the Victorian workhouse and how it affected society. The Poor Law Amendment Act of 1832 introduced a 'new' Poor Law - which ceased relief to the able-bodied poor and allocated funds for the construction of workhouses across the country. As you can imagine, there were pros and cons to … Continue reading VI: Right or Wrong – The Victorian Workhouse

V: Costume Wars – Victorian vs. Edwardian

I'm starting off my Costume Wars series with a bang! Many would say the Victorian and Edwardian eras were similar. They were consecutive eras of British history, together encompassing almost a decade. However, differences in the attitudes of these eras can be seen through trends in fashion. This post will go through some of the … Continue reading V: Costume Wars – Victorian vs. Edwardian