V: Costume Wars – Victorian vs. Edwardian

I'm starting off my Costume Wars series with a bang! Many would say the Victorian and Edwardian eras were similar. They were consecutive eras of British history, together encompassing almost a decade. However, differences in the attitudes of these eras can be seen through trends in fashion. This post will go through some of the … Continue reading V: Costume Wars – Victorian vs. Edwardian

IV: Mary, Queen of Bad Decisions

Perhaps one of the most prolific monarchs of history, Mary Queen of Scots definitely didn't have the best life. Although becoming Queen at 6 days old may seem like a child's dream, Mary's turbulent life was cut short when she was executed by her cousin Elizabeth I in 1587. Was this because of poor decisions … Continue reading IV: Mary, Queen of Bad Decisions

III: The Dancing Plague of 1518

Hi all, today I thought I would share a particularly strange phenomenon that occurred at the beginning of early-modern Europe, known as the 'Dancing Plague'. This post will focus on the events in 1518, but there have been many other occurrences reported throughout the continent which I'll touch on later. I will also include some … Continue reading III: The Dancing Plague of 1518

II: Mistaken Identity – France, 1556

Hi all, and welcome back. Today, I have a strange one for you! It's a classic tale of boy marries girl, boy disappears, boy comes back (but looks different), girl has two children with boy, and boy turns out not to be the original boy. 'Did I miss this episode of Eastenders' you ask? No, … Continue reading II: Mistaken Identity – France, 1556

I: An introduction.

If you are reading this, then hello and welcome to my new blog - The Historical Hub. My name is Lucinda and I'm currently studying towards a BA Honours degree in History in the UK (what gave it away?). I've created this blog now because 1) I've got a little more time on my hands … Continue reading I: An introduction.