I: An introduction.

If you are reading this, then hello and welcome to my new blog – The Historical Hub. My name is Lucinda and I’m currently studying towards a BA Honours degree in History in the UK (what gave it away?).

I’ve created this blog now because 1) I’ve got a little more time on my hands and 2) I’ve stumbled across some really interesting stories of the past while studying and I thought it would be a crime not to share them!

For example, did you know that there was a form of punishment for men and women in the middle ages where villagers would perform a mock parade just to ridicule them?!

I don’t really have a strict idea of what I want this blog to be just yet – but if you are interested in reading profiles of historical figures or events, advice for studying History, or just the generally weird happenings of our ancestors, then stick around!

Meanwhile, comment down below your favourite historical figure and why! And who knows, they may just make it on the blog one day. Mine? Well, I won’t be giving that away just yet.

Bye for now,

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